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Visual Studio 6.0

The following samples are new for Visual C++ 6.0.

ATL Samples

Sample name Description Demonstrates managing a large ATL project with multiple project dependencies in the IDE. Also demonstrates some basic COM concepts. Demonstrates using compiler COM support and the Active Movie interfaces to play a movie. in an ATL control. Demonstrates how to build a windowed control using ATL. This sample is adapted from the MFC FIRE sample. Demonstrates using connection points with ATL controls.

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Compiler COM Support Samples

Sample name Description Implements a three-tier client/server application.

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MFC Samples

Sample name Description Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 1). Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 2). Demonstrates the List View and Header Common Controls. Demonstrates the virtual list view functionality available for the list view common control. Implements an ActiveX control container using MFC's support for OLE embedding. You can use TSTCON to test ActiveX controls, change their properties, and invoke their methods.
An Internet Server Extension DLL that provides graphics and also redirects users to a Web site for further research. An MFC and ATL application that retrieves stock quotes from the Web and displays them in an ATL control. The user can set the display's properties, including rate of data refresh. Uses MFC's CHtmlView and CReBar classes to implement a subset of the functionality provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Shows how to create an ActiveX document (formerly known as a DocObject) container using the ActiveX document container support classes.
Demonstrates implementing a wizard that supports background bitmaps and wide header titles and images. This wizard design is supported for Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0; you must be using Windows 98 or Windows NT 5.0 for this sample to work properly. Shows how to use to scroll through a table in a database. Also how to use multiple accessors so you can update an Access table that contains an AutoNumber field to be retrieved.

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