Database Support

Visual Studio 6.0

The following database support features are new for Visual C++ 6.0.

ADO Data-Bound Dialog Wizard

Feature Only in Enterprise Edition   This feature is supported only in Visual C++ Enterprise Edition. For more information, see .

The ADO Data-Bound Dialog Wizard is a Visual C++ component that guides you through the process of creating an MFC data-bound dialog box with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Help for the wizard is available via the More Info button in the Component and Controls Gallery. See Manipulating Data with Active Data Objects (ADO) in .

Data-Bound Controls for ADO and OLE DB

To enable you to use ADO rather than RDO for data access, there is a new datasource control called the ADO Data Control (ADODC). This allows you to access any data exposed via an OLE DB data provider. Thus, you are not restricted to accessing data from SQL-based RDBMSs.

See , , and .

Oracle Support in the Data Tools

This version of the Microsoft Visual Database Tools gives you more power and flexibility when working with databases. The Database Designer and Query Designer work with the latest versions of SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access databases. With this release, Oracle database support has been enhanced in the Visual Database Tools. Now you can use the visual design tools to manage your Oracle databases. See .

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