OLEObject Object
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Visual Basic: RichTextBox Control

Visual Studio 6.0

OLEObject Object

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An OLEObject object represents an insertable object within a RichTextBox control.


The RichTextBox control enables you to add insertable objects to an RTF file. Insertable objects are represented by the OLEObject object.

Each embedded OLEObject object counts as one character in the RichTextbox control. That is, when counting from the beginning of the control, the object will take up one character position. OLE objects can be highlighted, cut or copied by the user, but they do not support any of the Selxxx properties (i.e. SelBold, SelItalic, etc.).

Each object supports a context menu that contains the standard Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete commands, as well as Open and Edit. Open will cause the objects application to be opened in its own window so that the object can be edited. Edit will cause the object to in-place activate if the object supports in-place activation.

You can manually add OLEObject objects to the OLEObjects collection at run time by using the Add method, or by dragging an object from the Windows Explorer into the RichTextBox control.

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