Visual Basic: RichTextBox Control

Visual Studio 6.0

Add Method (OLEObjects Collection)

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Adds an OLEObject object to an OLEObjects collection.


object.Add index, key, sourcedoc, class

The Add Method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
index Optional. An integer that identifies a member of the object collection. If supplied, the new member will be inserted after the member specified by the index.
key Optional. A unique string expression that can be used to access a member of the collection. The key and index arguments can be used interchangeably with the Item method of the collection to retrieve the OLEObject object.
sourcedoc Required. The filename of a document used as a template for the embedded object. The RichTextBox control doesn't support linking, so the contents of the file will be copied into the OLEObject object. Must be a zero-length string ("") if you don't specify a source document.
class Optional. The OLE class name for the object to be embedded. This argument is the ProgID used by OLE in the system registry. This argument is ignored if you specify a filename for sourcedoc.


The following code adds a Microsoft Excel worksheet to the RichTextBox and sets its Key property to "SalesData":

RichTextBox1.OLEObjects.Add , "SalesData", , "Excel.Sheet.5"

When an object is added to the collection, it immediately becomes in-place active so the user can add data to it.