Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Studio 6.0

Introduction to Internet Applications

Microsoft® Visual Basic® lets you create applications for the Internet or a corporate intranet in several different ways. Using the new Internet programming features in Visual Basic, you can make use of your skills as a Visual Basic programmer to produce dynamic, powerful Internet applications with little effort. You can produce applications that run on the client or the server, present HTML pages inside a forms-based application, or use ActiveX components on the Web. In addition, you can quickly and easily set up your applications for Internet component download and deployment.


What is an Internet Application?

Introduces the concepts of Visual Basic Internet applications for the client and the server.

Understanding Internet Basics

Introduces basic Internet concepts, such as client/server interactions and HTML pages.

A History of Development on the Internet

Presents a brief overview of methods of developing applications for the Internet and explains how Visual Basic's Internet applications fit in.

Advantages of Visual Basic Internet Applications

Explains the unique advantages of creating Visual Basic Internet applications.

Security and Internet Applications

Discusses security concerns for Internet applications.

System Requirements for Internet Applications

Explains what must be present on the development and end-user computers for Visual Basic Internet applications.

Other Internet Technologies in Visual Basic

Explains how to use ActiveX components on the Internet.