Visual Basic: MSFlexGrid/MSHFlexGrid Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

ForeColor, ForeColorBand, ForeColorFixed, ForeColorHeader, ForeColorSel Properties

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Returns or sets the colors used to draw text on each part of the MSHFlexGrid.


object.ForeColor [= color]
object.ForeColorBand(BandNumber) [= color]
object.ForeColorFixed [= color]
object.ForeColorHeader(BandNumber) [= color]
object.ForeColorSel [= color]

Syntax for the ForeColor, ForeColorBand, ForeColorFixed, ForeColorHeader, and ForeColorSel properties has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
BandNumber Required. A Long value that specifies the band being affected.
color A value or constant that determines the color used to paint text in the scrollable, fixed, band, or header areas of the MSHFlexGrid.


The picture below shows the parts of the MSHFlexGrid to which the properties refer:

Use the ForeColor property to set the text color of all non-fixed cells.

Use the CellForeColor property to set the text color of individual cells.