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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each data or log file that is backed up. This table is stored in the msdb database.

Column name Data type Description
backup_set_id int NOT NULL REFERENCES backupset(backup_
Unique identification number of the file containing the backup set.
first_family_number tinyint NULL Family number of the first media containing this backup file.
first_media_number smallint NULL Media number of the first media containing this backup file.
filegroup_name nvarchar(128) NULL Name of the filegroup containing the database (data or log) file backed up.
page_size int NULL Size of the page, in bytes.
file_number numeric(10,0) NOT NULL Unique file identification number (FILE_ID).
backed_up_page_count numeric(10,0) NULL Number of pages backed up.
file_type char(1) NULL File backed up. Can be either D for data or L for log.
source_file_block_size numeric(10,0) NULL Device that the original data or log file resided on when it was backed up.
file_size numeric(20,0) NULL Length of the file that is backed up, in bytes.
logical_name nvarchar(128) NULL Logical name of the file that is backed up.
physical_drive varchar(260) NULL Physical drive or partition name.
physical_name varchar(260) NULL Remainder of the physical (operating system) file name.

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