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SQL Server 2000

This table is stored in the msdb database.

Column name Data type Description
plan_id uniqueidentifier Log shipping plan ID.
plan_name sysname Log shipping plan name.
description nvarchar(500) User provided description of log shipping plan.
source_server sysname Primary server of log shipping pair.
source_dir nvarchar(500) Transaction log source directory on primary server.
destination_dir nvarchar(500) Transaction log destination directory on secondary server.
copy_job_id uniqueidentifier Copy job ID.
load_job_id uniqueidentifier Load job ID.
int Length of time to retain history rows for this plan.
int Length of time to retain copied transaction log files.
uniqueidentifier Maintenance plan ID.
backup_job_id uniqueidentifier Backup job ID.
share_name nvarchar(500) Share name.

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