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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each server that Microsoft® SQL Server™ can access as an OLE DB data source.

Column name Data type Description
srvid smallint ID (for local use only) of the remote server.
srvstatus smallint For internal use only.
srvname sysname Name of the server.
srvproduct nvarchar(128) Product name for the remote server.
providername nvarchar(128) OLE DB provider name for access to this server.
datasource nvarchar(4000) OLE DB data source value.
location nvarchar(4000) OLE DB location value.
providerstring nvarchar(4000) OLE DB provider string value.
schemadate datetime Date this row was last updated.
topologyx int Used by the SQL Server Enterprise Manager server topology diagram.
topologyy int Used by the SQL Server Enterprise Manager server topology diagram.
catalog sysname Catalog that is used when making a connection to an OLE DB provider.
connecttimeout int Timeout setting for server-connection.
querytimeout int Timeout setting for queries against server.
srvnetname char(30) Reserved (currently the same as the srvname).
isremote bit 1 if server is a remote server, else 0 if server is a linked server.
rpc bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption rpc set to true/false.
pub bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption pub set to true/false.
sub bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption sub set to true/false.
dist bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption dist set to true/false.
dpub bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption dpub set to true/false.
rpcout bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption rpc out set to true/false.
dataaccess bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption data access set to true/false.
collationcompatible bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption collation compatible set to true/false.
system bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption system set to true/false.
useremotecollation bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption use remote collation set to true/false.
lazyschemavalidation bit 1/0 for sp_serveroption lazy schema validation set to true/false.
collation sysname Server collation as set by sp_serveroption collation name.

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