Visual Basic: DataGrid Control

Visual Studio 6.0

DataGrid Control Constants

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AddNewMode Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgNoAddNew 0 No AddNew
dbgAddNewCurrent 1 AddNew current
dbgAddNewPending 2 AddNew pending

Alignment Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgLeft 0 Left
dbgRight 1 Right
dbgCenter 2 Center
dbgGeneral 3 General

Appearance Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgFlat 0 Flat appearance
dbg3D 1 3D appearance

BorderStyle Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgNoBorder 0 None
dbgFixedSingle 1 FixedSingle

DividerStyle Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgNoDividers 0 No dividers
dbgBlackLine 1 Black line
dbgDarkGrayLine 2 Dark gray line
dbgRaised 3 Raised
dbgInset 4 Inset
dbgUseForeColor 5 Use forecolor
dbgLightGrayLine 6 Light gray line

Error Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgActionCanceled 7011 Action is canceled
dbgAddError 6154 Error occurred while trying to add record
dbgBadEvent 6161 Operation is invalid within the event
dbgBindError 4097 Cannot initialize data bindings
dbgCNotFound 6147 Column not found
dbgColIndex 6145 Invalid column index
dbgColReadOnly 7010 The column is read only
dbgConvertData 7006 Data type conversion error
dbgDataAccess 6160 Data access error
dbgDelError 6155 Error occurred while trying to delete record
dbgDelMultRows 6159 Cannot delete multiple rows
dbgErrorSetCurrent 6152 Error occurred while trying to set current row
dbgErrUpdateColumn 7007 Error occurred while trying to update the column value
dbgInvalidPropertyValue 380 Invalid property value
dbgInvalidSafeModeProcCall 680 Invalid procedure call in safe mode
dbgInvBookmark 6149 Invalid bookmark
dbgInvRowNum 6148 Invalid row number
dbgMustHaveSplit 7002 Cannot delete last split
dbgNoCurrentRow 7008 The current row is not available
dbgNoMethodNow 7003 Method is not available in this context
dbgNoPropNow 6162 Property is not available in this context
dbgNoRowFound 7009 Cannot find the row
dbgNoRowset 7005 Rowset not available
dbgNotBookmarkable 7004 The rowset is not bookmarkable
dbgOrphaned 7000 Supporting object on the grid has been deleted
dbgOutOfMemory 7 Out of memory
dbgScrollRange 6151 Scroll arguments out of range
dbgSplitIndex 6244 Invalid split index
dbgSubscriptRange 9 Subscript out of range
dbgTypeMismatch 13 Type mismatch
dbgUnknown 7001 An unknown error code was received where it was not expected
dbgUpdError 6153 Error occurred while trying to update record

MarqueeStyle Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgDottedCellBorder 0 Dotted cell border
dbgSolidCellBorder 1 Solid cell border
dbgHighlightCell 2 Highlight the cell
dbgHighlightRow 3 Highlight the row
dbgHighlightRowRaiseCell 4 Highlight row, raise cell
dbgNoMarquee 5 No marquee
dbgFloatingEditor 6 Floating editor

ScrollBar Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgNone 0 None
dbgHorizontal 1 Horizontal
dbgVertical 2 Vertical
dbgBoth 3 Both
dbgAutomatic 4 Automatic

SplitSizeMode Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgScalable 0 Scalable
dbgExact 1 Exact

TabAction Constants

Constant Value Description
dbgControlNavigation 0 Control navigation
dbgColumnNavigation 1 Column navigation
dbgGridNavigation 2 Grid navigation