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Tracks schema-only articles for merge replication. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column name Data type Description
name sysname Name of the schema-only article in the merge publication
type tinyint Value indicating the type of schema-only article:

0x20 = Stored procedure schema-only article.
0x40 = View schema-only article or indexed view schema-only article.

objid int Object identifier of the article base object. Can be the object identifier of a procedure, view, indexed, view, or UDF.
artid uniqueidentifier Article ID.
description nvarchar(255) Description of the article.
pre_creation_command tinyint Specifies what the system is to do if the table exists at the subscriber when applying the snapshot.

None = If the table already exists at the Subscriber, no action is taken.
Delete = Issues a delete based on the WHERE clause in the subset filter.
Drop (default) = Drops the table before re-creating it.
Truncate = Same as delete, but deletes pages instead of rows. Does not take a WHERE clause.

pubid uniqueidentifier Unique identifier of the publication.
status tinyint Bitmap used to indicate the status of the article.
creation_script nvarchar(255) Path and name of an optional article schema pre-creation script used to create target table.
schema_option binary(8) Indicates what is to be scripted out. This is a bitmask of the schema generation option for the given article. It specifies the automatic creation of the stored procedure in the destination database for all CALL/MCALL/XCALL.
destination_object sysname Name of the destination object in the subscription database. This value applies only to schema-only articles, such as stored procedures, views, and UDFs.
destination_owner sysname Owner of the object in the subscription database, if not dbo.

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