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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each known Subscriber and is a local table at the Publisher. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column name Data type Description
subid uniqueidentifier Unique identification number for Subscription.
partnerid uniqueidentifier ID of the partner to which it subscribes.
datasource_type int Type of data source:

0 = Microsoft SQL Server.
2 = Jet OLE DB.

datasource_path nvarchar(255) If a Jet datasource, path to the .mdb file.
srvid int Contains the sysservers.srvguid and, with db_name, allows for the subscription to be identified in the local server.
db_name sysname Name of the subscribing database.
pubid uniqueidentifier ID of the publication from which the current subscription was created.
status tinyint Status of the subscription:

0 = Inactive.
1 = Active.
2 = Deleted.

subscriber_type int Type of Subscriber:

1 = Global.
2 = Local.
3 = Anonymous.

subscription_type int Type of subscription:

0 = Push.
1 = Pull.
2 = Anonymous.

priority real Specifies the subscription priority and allows the implementation of priority-based conflict resolution. 0.00 for all local or anonymous subscriptions.
sync_type tinyint Type of synchronization:

1 = Automatic.
2 = No synchronization.

description nvarchar(255) Brief description of the subscription.
login_name sysname Name of the user who created the subscription.
last_validated datetime Time of the last successful validation of Subscriber data.
subscriber_server sysname ID of the server. Used to map the srvid field to the server-specific value when migrating a copy of the subscription database to a different server.
use_interactive_resolver bit Specifies whether the interactive resolver is used during reconciliation. If 0, the interactive resolver is not used.
publication sysname Name of the publication.
distributor sysname Name of the computer hosting the Distribution Agent.
validation_level int Type of validation to perform on the subscription. The validation level specified can be one of these values:

0 = No validation.
1 = Rowcount-only validation.
2 = Rowcount and checksum validation.
3 = Rowcount and binary checksum validation.

resync_gen int Generation number that will be used for resynchronization of the subscription. A value of –1 indicates that the subscription is not marked for resynchronization.
attempted_validate datetime Last datetime that validation was attempted on the subscription.
last_sync_date datetime datetime of the synchronization.
last_sync_status int Subscription status:

0 = All jobs are waiting to start.
1 = One or more jobs are starting.
2 = All jobs have executed successfully.
3 = At least one job is executing.
4 = All jobs are scheduled and idle.
5 = At least one job is attempting to execute after a previous failure.
6 = At least one job has failed to execute successfully.

last_sync_summary sysname Description of last synchronization results.

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