Visual Basic: DataCombo/DataList Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

DataCombo Control

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The DataCombo control is a data-bound combo box that is automatically populated from a field in an attached data source, and optionally updates a field in a related table of another data source.




The DataCombo control is code-compatible with the DBCombo control. However the DataCombo control is optimized to work with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Distribution Note   The DataCombo control is found along with the DataList control in the Msdatlst.ocx file. To use this control in your application, you must add the .OCX file to the project. When distributing your application, install the Msdatlst.ocx file in the user's Microsoft Windows System or System32 directory. For more information on how to add an ActiveX control to a Visual Basic project, see "Standard ActiveX Controls."