System Functions

System Functions

SQL Server 2000

These scalar functions perform operations on and return information about values, objects, and settings in Microsoft® SQL Server™.

This table lists the system functions and their determinism property. For more information about function determinism, see Deterministic and Nondeterministic Functions.

Function Determinism
APP_NAME Nondeterministic
CASE expression Deterministic
CAST and CONVERT Deterministic unless used with datetime, smalldatetime, or sql_variant.
COALESCE Deterministic
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Nondeterministic
CURRENT_USER Nondeterministic
DATALENGTH Deterministic
@@ERROR Nondeterministic
fn_helpcollations Deterministic
fn_servershareddrives Nondeterministic
fn_virtualfilestats Nondeterministic
FORMATMESSAGE Nondeterministic
GETANSINULL Nondeterministic
HOST_ID Nondeterministic
HOST_NAME Nondeterministic
IDENT_CURRENT Nondeterministic
IDENT_INCR Nondeterministic
IDENT_SEED Nondeterministic
@@IDENTITY Nondeterministic
IDENTITY (Function) Nondeterministic
ISDATE Deterministic only if used with the CONVERT function, the CONVERT style parameter is specified and the style parameter is not equal to 0, 100, 9, or 109. Styles 0 and 100 use the default format mon dd yyyy hh:miAM (or PM). Styles 9 and 109 use the default format plus milliseconds mon dd yyyy hh:mi:ss:mmmAM (or PM).
ISNULL Deterministic
ISNUMERIC Deterministic
NEWID Nondeterministic
NULLIF Deterministic
PARSENAME Deterministic
PERMISSIONS Nondeterministic
@@ROWCOUNT Nondeterministic
ROWCOUNT_BIG Nondeterministic
SCOPE_IDENTITY Nondeterministic
SERVERPROPERTY Nondeterministic
SESSIONPROPERTY Nondeterministic
SESSION_USER Nondeterministic
STATS_DATE Nondeterministic
SYSTEM_USER Nondeterministic
@@TRANCOUNT Nondeterministic
USER_NAME Nondeterministic

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