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Error 1105
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Error 1105

SQL Server 2000

Error 1105

Severity Level 17
Message Text

Could not allocate space for object '%.*ls' in database '%.*ls' because the '%.*ls' filegroup is full.


The specified filegroup has run out of free space.


To gain more space, you can free disk space on any disk drive containing a file in the full filegroup, allowing files in the group to grow. Or you can gain space using a data file with the specified database.

Freeing disk space

You can free disk space on your local drive or on another disk drive. To free disk space on another drive:

  1. Move the data files in the filegroup with an insufficient amount of free disk space to a different disk drive.

  2. Detach the database by executing sp_detach_db.

  3. Attach the database by executing sp_attach_db, pointing to the moved files.
Using a data file

Another solution is to add a data file to the specified database using the ADD FILE clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement. Or you can enlarge the data file by using the MODIFY FILE clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement, specifying the SIZE and MAXSIZE syntax.

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