ScheduleDefinition Class
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ScheduleDefinition Class

SQL Server 2000

Represents a defined schedule.

Public Class ScheduleDefinition
   Inherits [Namespace].ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
   Member of [Namespace]

public class ScheduleDefinition : [Namespace].ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
   Member of [Namespace]
Public Properties

public propertyEndDate The end date and time of a schedule. DateTime.
public propertyItem The recurrence pattern (RecurrencePattern object) of a schedule.
public propertyStartDateTime The start date and time of a schedule. DateTime.


Use the ScheduleDefinition class with the Definition property of the Schedule class.

A ScheduleDefinition object is returned as output by the GetExecutionOptions and GetReportHistoryOptions methods and is passed as input to the CreateSchedule, SetExecutionOptions, SetReportHistoryOptions, and SetScheduleProperties methods.

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