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SQLXML Managed Classes

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQLXML Managed Classes exposes the functionality of SQLXML 3.0 inside the Microsoft .NET Framework. With SQLXML Managed Classes, you can write a C# application to access XML data from an instance of Microsoft SQL Server™, bring the data into the .NET Framework environment, process the data, and send the updates back to SQL Server (as a DiffGram) to apply the updates. You must use a mapping schema when applying updates to SQL Server database using the SQLXML managed classes. For a working sample, see An Application to Access SQLXML Functionality in the .NET Environment.

To use the SQLXML Managed Classes with SQLXML 3.0, you must install Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET.

The .NET Framework includes the SQL Server .NET Data Provider. This provider can be used to access SQL Server from the .NET environment; however, it can handle only traditional SQL queries (relational database queries with the exception of FOR XML queries). You cannot execute XML templates or the server-side XPath queries in Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

For more information about the SQLXML Managed Classes object model, see SQLXML Managed Classes Object Model.

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