<FailureEventLogInterval> Element
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<FailureEventLogInterval> Element

SQL Server 2000

Specifies the minimum amount of time that must pass between writes to the event log, regardless of how many failures occur.


Element Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Data Type duration.
Default Value 0 minutes.
Occurrence Optional once per <ProtocolExecutionSettings> node.
Updates Can be added, deleted, and modified using NSControl Update.
Element Relationships
Relationship Elements
Parent Node <ProtocolExecutionSettings> Node

The format of the XML duration data type is P0DT00H00M00S. For more information about XML data types, see Primitive XML Data Types in the Microsoft MSDN® Library.

The <FailureEventLogInterval> element works in conjunction with the <FailureBeforeLoggingEvent> element, to allow you to configure the error logging to fit the needs of your application.

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