<SubscriptionClassName> Element
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<SubscriptionClassName> Element

SQL Server 2000

Specifies the user-defined name of the subscription class.


Element Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Data Type string, between 1 and 128 characters in length.
Default Value None.
Occurrence Required once per <SubscriptionClass> node.
Updates Can be modified, but not added or deleted, using NSControl Update.
Element Relationships
Relationship Elements
Parent Node <SubscriptionClass> Node

The name of a subscription class must conform to SQL Server identifier naming conventions. It also must be unique within the application. For more information about SQL Server identifier naming conventions, see "Using Identifiers" in SQL Server Books Online.

If you update the <SubscriptionClassName> element, NSControl Update re-creates the subscription class to which it corresponds. A new subscription table is created, and the existing subscription table is renamed to SubscriptionTableNameOld. Existing subscription table indexes are left unchanged. If you want to transfer data between the old and new subscription tables, it must be done manually.

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