<FieldReference> Element
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<FieldReference> Element

SQL Server 2000

Provides a reference to a notification field defined in the /NotificationClasses/NotificationClass/Schema/Fields section of the application definition file (ADF) that can be used to supply a protocol field value.


Element Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Data Type string, between 1 and 128 characters in length.
Default Value None.
Occurrence Optional once per /NotificationClasses/NotificationClass/Protocols/Protocol/Fields/Field node.
Updates Can be modified, but not added or deleted, using NSControl Update.
Element Relationships
Relationship Elements
Parent Node <Field> Node (/Protocol/Fields)

If you update a <FieldReference> element, NSControl Update deletes and re-creates the notification class to which it corresponds. This includes dropping and re-creating the SQL Server tables used by this notification class.

Important  If you update a <FieldReference> element, any data existing in the original SQL Server tables is permanently deleted.

Important  If a <FieldReference> element is not included in the <Field> node, a <SqlExpression> element must be provided instead.</

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