<GrowthIncrement> Element (<FileSpec>)
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<GrowthIncrement> Element (<FileSpec>)

SQL Server 2000

Specifies the increments by which the database size will increase when additional space is needed.


Element Characteristics
Characteristic Description
Data Type string (see Remarks).
Default Value Increases by the default database growth increment specified for the SQL Server instance.
Occurrence Optional once per <FileSpec> node.
Updates Cannot be added, deleted, or modified.
Element Relationships
Relationship Elements
Parent Node <FileSpec> Node

The <GrowthIncrement> value must be either the increment size or a percentage. If you choose to indicate the increment size, the value must be a non-negative integer, with an optional suffix to indicate the unit of measure: kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB), gigabyte (GB), or terabyte (TB). If the suffix is not specified, the default unit of measure is megabytes (MB). If you specify a percentage, the database will grow by that percentage of the current database size if it runs out of room and needs to expand.

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