URL Access

URL Access

SQL Server 2000

The report server is accessible through URL requests. URL requests contain parameters that are processed by the report server. The way in which the report server handles URL requests depends on the parameters, parameter prefixes, and type of item that are included in the URL. For more information about specific parameter prefixes, see Using Parameter Prefixes on a URL.

You can use URL access to embed hyperlinks to reports and other report server items in the applications that you develop. Report server URLs adhere to the URL formatting guidelines as proposed by the joint World Wide Web Consortium W3C/IETF draft standard. URL access is compatible with most Internet browsers or applications that support standard URL addressing.

The following table describes the topics in this section.

Topic Description
URL Access Syntax Describes the syntax for accessing the report server directly through a URL.
Using Parameter Prefixes on a URL Lists the parameter prefixes available for use in URL access.
Using the Command Parameter Describes how to use URL commands.
Using a URL to Access Report Server Items Describes how to reference a report server item in a URL.
Using URL Access Parameters Describes the URL access parameters that are available for configuring the way in which reports are displayed in the viewer.
Rendering a Report using URL Access Describes how to run reports through URL access.
Specifying a Rendering Format on a URL Describes the parameters used to specify particular rendering formats.
Passing a Report Parameter on a URL Describes how to pass report parameters to a report using a URL.
Managing Report Sessions on a URL Describes how to use URL commands to manage session state.
Rendering Report History Snapshots Using URL Access Describes how to render a report history snapshot using URL commands.
Setting Data Source Credentials on a URL Describes how to use URL commands to set data source credentials.
Specifying Device Information Settings on a URL Describes how to use URL commands to pas device info settings.

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