Import Calculated Members Dialog Box
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Import Calculated Members Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Import Calculated Members Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to import calculated members into a virtual cube from its component cubes.

This dialog box is displayed when, in Virtual Cube Editor, you perform one of the following actions:

  • On the Edit menu, click Import, and then click Calculated Members.

  • Click the Import Calculated Members button on the toolbar.

  • In the tree pane, right-click the Calculated Members folder, and then click Import Calculated Member.

Available Calculated Members

Select the check boxes beside the calculated members you want to import. If you want to import all the calculated members in a cube, select the check box next to the cube.

If you select a calculated member with the same name as a calculated member already in the virtual cube, the selected calculated member is imported with a new name consisting of its old name and a numeric suffix.

Value expression

View the expression for the selected calculated member. To change this expression in the virtual cube, import the calculated member and edit it in Calculated Member Builder.

Show source cubes only

Specifies whether to view calculated member definitions only in the component cubes of the virtual cube. Clear this check box to select from all calculated members in the database. Adding a calculated member that is not in a source cube of the virtual cube may generate formula errors. After you import calculated members, you can edit them to fix formula errors or make any other necessary changes.

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