How to create a file share subscription

How to create a file share subscription

SQL Server 2000

The report you select must use stored credentials or no credentials. If parameters are used, every parameter must have a default value specified. If the report gets credentials another way, the New Subscription button is not available.

To create a file share subscription

  1. In Report Manager, open the report to which you want to subscribe.
  2. Click New Subscription. The New Subscription page opens.
  3. Select Report Server File Share for the method of delivery.
  4. Type a name for the file or use the name of the report as the basis of the file name.
  5. Select Add a file extension when the report is created to save the report with a three-character file extension. The file extension is determined by the rendering format you select.
  6. Type a UNC path for the file location (for example, \\mylocalcomputer\c$\myreport files). Include double backslash characters at the start of the path. Do not specify a trailing backslash.
  7. Select a render format to deliver the file in an application format. Choose a format that corresponds to the desktop application that you want to use with the report. Avoid formats that do not render a report in a single stream or that introduce interactivity that cannot be supported in a static file (that is, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, or HTML with Office Web Components).
  8. Specify credentials used to access the file share.
  9. Specify overwrite options. If you choose the Do not overwrite the file if a previous version exists option, the delivery will not be made if an existing file is detected. If you choose AutoIncrement, the report server appends a timestamp or number to the file name to distinguish it from existing files of the same name.
  10. Specify conditions that cause the subscription to process and delivery to occur.

    When the report content is refreshed activates the subscription and delivers the report when a report snapshot is updated with a newer version. The schedule used to update a report snapshot determines when your subscription is processed. This option is available only for snapshots that are already associated with an update schedule.

    When the scheduled report run is complete opens a schedule page so that you can specify a delivery schedule.

  11. For parameterized reports, specify parameters to use for the report that is generated in response to this subscription. The parameters that you specify can be different from those used to run the report on demand or in other scheduled operations.

The report is delivered as a static file. If the report includes interactive features (for example, links to additional rows and columns), those features are not available.

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