How to open and close a report

How to open and close a report

SQL Server 2000

To open and close a report

  1. Start Report Manager. For more information, see Report Manager.
  2. Find a report by browsing folders or searching for one by name. Search for a report by typing all or part of the report name in the Search for text box at the top of the page. Or, browse folder contents by clicking a folder name or an icon. You browser folder contents using the Contents page. The following icon indicates a folder:

    Folder icon

  3. To open a report, click a report name or an icon. The following icon indicates a report:

    Report icon

    Some reports require that you provide either a user name and password or a parameter value. For more information, see Running a Parameterized.

  4. To get more information about working with a report, click the help icon:

    HTMLViewer Help icon

  5. To close a report, navigate to another Web application page or folder.

    Closing a report does not remove it from the browser cache. You must close the browser to disconnect the report.

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