How to create a shared data source

How to create a shared data source

SQL Server 2000

To create a shared data source

  1. In Report Manager, navigate to the folder that will contain the item, and then click New Data Source. The New Data Source page opens.
  2. Type a name for the item. You can also type a description to provide users with information about the connection.
  3. Select Hide in list view if you want to hide the item in the default view of the Contents page. The data source will be visible to users who click Show Details in the Contents page.
  4. Select Enable this data source to make the data source connection information available to a report or data-driven subscription.
  5. For Connection Type, select a data processing extension to use.
  6. Type a connection string. Do not include credentials (connection strings are transmitted in clear text). The following example illustrates a connection string used to connect to the SQL Server Adventure Works database:
    data source="server01";initial catalog=AdventureWorks2000
  7. Specify how to get credentials used to connect to the data source:
    • To prompt users to type credentials each time they run the report, select The credentials supplied by the user running the report.
    • To store credentials (required for reports that are available through subscription or that run on a schedule), select Credentials stored securely in the report server.
    • To run in the security context of the user running the report, select Windows NT Integrated Security.
    • To use no credentials (not recommended), select Credentials are not required.

For more information about specifying credentials, see Specifying Credential and Connection Information.

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