How to create a role definition

How to create a role definition

SQL Server 2000

To create a role definition

  1. In Report Manager, on the global toolbar, click Site Settings.
  2. To create an item-level role definition, click Configure item-level role definitions. To create a system-level role definition, click Configure system-level role definitions.
  3. Click New Role. Depending on the option you clicked in the previous step, the New Role page or New System Role page opens.
  4. Type a name for the role definition. The name can be a maximum of 256 characters. It can include spaces and special characters.
  5. Type a description for the role definition. The information you provide should enable users who choose this role definition to understand what the role is for. Include enough information so that the user does not have to open the role definition to view the task list.
  6. Select one or more tasks for the role definition, and then click OK.

The role definition is saved to the report server database. After it is saved, it becomes available to all users who have permission to create role assignments.

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