How to create, modify, or delete a report-specific schedule

How to create, modify, or delete a report-specific schedule

SQL Server 2000

Creating and modifying report-specific schedules are an extension of creating and modifying subscriptions, setting report execution properties, and setting report history properties. The following steps assume that a schedule definition page is open.

To create or modify a custom schedule

  1. Select an option that allows you to specify a schedule:

    In a New Subscription or Edit Subscription page, click Select Schedule.

    In the Execution properties and History properties pages, select Report-specific schedule, and then click Configure.

  2. Click Hour, Day, Week, or Month to specify an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Additional options appear when you specify the basis of your schedule.

    Or, click Once to create a schedule that runs one-time only.

  3. Select a date to start the schedule (optional). The default is the current day. You can postpone the schedule start time by choosing a later date.
  4. Select a date to stop the schedule (optional). The schedule stops running on this date, but it will not be deleted.
  5. Click OK.

To delete a custom schedule

  • Open the item that uses schedule information, and then select a non-scheduled option that overrides the schedule.

    To unschedule snapshot generation, choose an option that runs the report on-demand (for example, Do not cache temporary copies of this report).

    To unschedule report history, clear the Use the following schedule to add snapshots to report history check box.

    To unschedule a subscription, open the subscription and choose When the scheduled report run is complete.

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