Replication Tools

Replication Tools

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 provides several methods for implementing and administering replication, including SQL Server Enterprise Manager, programming interfaces, and other Microsoft Windows® components.

SQL Server Enterprise Manager includes a graphical organization of replication objects, several wizards, and dialog boxes you can use to simplify the configuration and administration of replication. SQL Server Enterprise Manager allows you to view and modify the properties of replication configuration, and monitor and troubleshoot replication activity.

You can also implement, monitor, and maintain replication using programming interfaces such as Microsoft ActiveX® controls for replication, SQL-DMO, and scripting of Transact-SQL system stored procedures.

Components such as Windows Synchronization Manager and Active Directory™ Services enable you to synchronize data, subscribe to publications, and organize and access replication objects from within Windows applications.

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