Getting Started With Reporting Services

Getting Started With Reporting Services

SQL Server 2000

Use this table for quick access to documentation for Reporting Services version 1.0, a component of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. For more information about tutorials and samples you can use to learn about Reporting Services, see Reporting Services Samples and Walkthroughs.

To learn about See
Reporting Services features, components, workflow, and terminology Introducing Reporting Services
Installing or removing Reporting Services components Installing Reporting Services
Configuring and maintaining reports, report servers, and report server databases in a production environment Deploying and Administering Reporting Services
Authoring and publishing reports using a report design tool Designing and Creating Reports
Basic operations such as selecting, viewing, and printing reports, and advanced operations such as centralized management and configuring access to reports and other items Managing and Working With Published Reports
Problem-solving and error message information Troubleshooting Reporting Services
Application programming interfaces (API) and programming techniques Reporting Services Programming
Reference documentation for the Report Definition Language Report Definition Language
Dialog box and page-level options, and syntax for running command prompt utilities Tools and Utilities Reference
Step-by-step instruction for performing tasks Reporting Services How To
Step-by-step instruction for learning specific skills Reporting Services Samples and Walkthroughs

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