MDX Object Qualification Property

MDX Object Qualification Property

SQL Server 2000

MDX Object Qualification Property

This property provides a bitmask that specifies how multidimensional schema object names are qualified in Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expressions.

Property Name

MDX Object Qualification

Property ID



This read-only property determines how a provider qualifies object names.

The following table describes the function of each bit in this property.

Bit Description
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_DATASOURCE Cubes are qualified by data source name.
MDPROPVAL_MCQ_CATALOG Cubes are qualified by catalog name.
MDPROPVAL_MCQ_SCHEMA Cubes are qualified by schema name. If the MDPROPVAL_MOQ_DATASOURCEMDPROPVAL_MCQ_CATALOG bits are not set, the provider does not support cube qualification.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_CUBE_DIM Dimensions are qualified by cube name.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_DIM_HIER Hierarchies are qualified by dimension name.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_DIMHIER_LEVEL Levels are qualified by dimension name and/or hierarchy name. This property applies only if the provider supports named levels. The MDPROP_NAMED_LEVELS bit of this property indicates whether named levels are supported.
MDPROP_NAMED_LEVELS This bit is set if named levels are not supported.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_DIMHIER_MEMBER Members are qualified by dimension name and/or hierarchy name.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_LEVEL_MEMBER Members are qualified by level name.
MDPROPVAL_MOQ_MEMBER_MEMBER Members are qualified by ancestor name(s).

PivotTable® Service and Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services set the following bitmask for this property:


The client application cannot change the value of this property.

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