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Getting Started with Meta Data Services

Getting Started with Meta Data Services

SQL Server 2000

This section provides information that prepares you for programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services applications. You can learn about programming environment requirements, and how to get started with information model definition and programming. For more information about upgrading repository components from previous releases, see Upgrading from Earlier Versions.

The following topics can help you get started.

Topic Description
Programming Environment Describes the requirements of your programming environment.
Accessing Automation Object Members Explains how to access a nondefault member on an Automation object.
Visual C++ Wrappers with Meta Data Services Explains how to generate and use wrappers on a COM interface.
Using Meta Data Services to Define Information Models Explains information model definition in Meta Data Services. It also explains how information models enable subsequent application development.
Using Meta Data Services to Program Information Models Provides basic information for programmers, providing a big picture overview of what programming an information model entails.

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