Aggregate Function

Aggregate Function

SQL Server 2000

Aggregate Function

Returns a custom aggregate of the specified expression, as defined by the data provider.

Aggregate(Expression, Scope)
The expression on which to perform the aggregation. The expression must be a simple field reference.
(String) The name of a dataset, grouping, or data region that contains the report items to which to apply the aggregate function. If Scope is specified, the aggregate function applies to all data in the dataset, grouping, or data region. All group expressions for the specified scope must contain simple field references. For more information about the Scope parameter, see Aggregate Functions.
Return Type

Return type is determined by the data provider. Returns Nothing if the data provider does not support this function or data is not available.


All containing groups for the item that uses this function must have simple field references as their group expressions.


The following code example provides a custom aggregation of line item totals in the Order grouping or data region:

Aggregate(Fields!LineTotal.Value, "Order")
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