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Visual Studio 6.0

PaletteMode Property

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Returns or sets a value that determines which palette to use for the controls on a object.


object.PaletteMode = integer

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
integer Determines the palette mode to be used, as described in Settings, below.


The settings for integer are:

Constant Value Description
vbPaletteModeHalfTone 0 (Default) Use the Halftone palette.
vbPaletteModeUseZOrder 1 Use the palette from the topmost control that has a palette.
vbPaletteModeCustom 2 Use the palette specified in the Palette property.
vbPaletteModeContainer 3 Use the container's palette for containers that support ambient Palette property. Applies to UserControls only.
vbPaletteModeNone 4 Do not use any palette. Applies to UserControls only.
vbPaletteModeObject 5 Use the ActiveX designers palette. (Applies only to ActiveX designers which contain a palette.)


If no palette is available, the halftone palette becomes the default palette.

Note   For previous versions of Visual Basic, PaletteMode corresponded to UseZOrder.