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Developing Microsoft Visio Solutions

Developing Microsoft Visio Solutions Copyright Information
Chapter 1, Introduction to Developing Microsoft Visio Solutions
Chapter 2, Creating Visio Shapes
Chapter 3, Visio Masters, Stencils, Templates, and Documents
Chapter 4, Visio Formulas
Chapter 5, Controlling Shape Geometry with Formulas
Chapter 6, Grouping and Merging Shapes
Chapter 7, Enhancing Shape Behavior
Chapter 8, Working with 1-D Shapes, Connectors, and Glue
Chapter 9, Designing Text Behavior
Chapter 10, Managing Styles, Formats, and Colors
Chapter 11, Arranging Shapes in Drawings
Chapter 12, Scaled Shapes and Measured Drawings
Chapter 13, Packaging Stencils and Templates
Chapter 14, Automation and the Visio Object Model
Chapter 15, Programming Visio with VBA
Chapter 16, Working with Visio Document, Page, and Shape
Chapter 17, Automating Formulas
Chapter 18, Drawing with Automation
Chapter 19, Automating Connections in a Visio Solution
Chapter 20, Integrating Data with a Visio Solution
Chapter 21, Handling Visio Events
Chapter 22, Customizing the Visio User Interface
Chapter 23, Using COM Add-ins in a Visio Solution
Chapter 24, Using ActiveX Controls in a Visio Solution
Chapter 25, Using the Visio Undo Manager in Your Program
Chapter 26, Packaging a Visio Automation Solution
Chapter 27, Programming Visio with Visual Basic
Chapter 28, Programming Visio with C++
Appendix A, Properties, Methods, and Events by Object
Appendix B, ShapeSheet Section, Row, and Cell Indices
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