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ATM (ATM.vbp)

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The ATM.vbp sample application demonstrates how to use a resource file. This application produces the screen for an automated teller machine (ATM) that lets the user perform a bank transaction in one of several languages, such as English, French, or German.


The ATM.vbp sample prompts the user to specify the language to conduct the transaction in. Depending on the user's choice, the sample loads the appropriate group of resources from the ATM.res file to continue the transaction. For more information, see Chapter 4, "Managing Projects," in the Programmer's Guide.

File Description
Atm.bas Module containing procedures for the sample.
Atm.rc Resource source file containing all localized strings and references to ICO and WAV files, which are built into ATM.RES.
ATM.vbp The project file for this sample.
ATM32.res Resource file containing text, icons, and sound (.WAV) data. Results from running a resource compiler on the ATM.RC file.
FrmAmoun.frm Form showing conversion of currencies into dollars.
FrmInput.frm Form for input of user information
Openbank.frm Form for selecting a language.
Openbank.frx Binary data for the OPENBANK.FRM.

To Run

From the Visual Basic File menu, choose Open Project and select the ATM.vbp file, which is listed in the Samples directory. Press F5 or choose Start from the Run menu to run the application.