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Visual Studio 6.0

Technical Articles on Visual InterDev

MSDN Online regularly publishes technical articles on the Internet at The following technical articles are of interest to Visual InterDev developers. These articles have been copied from the MSDN Online site and included in this release of Visual Studio 6.0

Shows how to create templates for HTML, ASP, and other text pages using Visual InterDev 6.0. Also shows how to use the Visual InterDev Template Wizard.

Presents methods for retrieving data and displaying it across a series of Web pages, including Grid controls, client-side design-time controls, and server-side design-time controls.

Contains examples and tricks for creating navigation bars in Microsoft Visual InterDev version 6.0. Also discusses how to customize layouts and themes to enhance your Web page content and visual presentation.

Explains the execution and event sequencing of the Visual InterDev 6.0 scripting object model. Includes descriptions of the object construction, object initialization, page entry, dispatch, content rendering, page exit, and destruction phases of the scripting object model event sequence.

Illustrates how to successfully deploy ActiveX controls to the Web server and how to add a custom control to Web pages. Also discusses some of the pros and cons of using ActiveX controls on Web pages.

Illustrates how to use local mode to work on a Web project in isolation from the live Web application.

Discusses the differences between VBScript and JScript and when to use each.

Provides answers and solutions to common questions and debugging problems. Includes information for setting up client-only, local server, and remote debugging.

Shows how to execute stored procedures or SQL statements that are based on information derived when a Web page is run.

Discusses how to create HTML tables using the Grid DTC. Shows how to create links, call functions, and sort data by columns.

HOWTO: Create a Visual InterDev 1.0 Data Form Wizard with VI 6.0

Describes how to use the tools provided with Visual InterDev 6.0 to create a data-driven Web application analogous to one created by the Visual InterDev 1.0 Data Form Wizard.