Visual InterDev

Visual Studio 6.0

Getting Started with Visual InterDev

This section of the documentation provides basic background and "how to" information to get you up and running with Microsoft® Visual InterDev™. Whether you are an experienced Visual InterDev user or completely new to the product, these topics give an introduction to creating Web projects, creating, adding, and editing Web pages, and working with databases.

Note   Many of the features of Visual InterDev are new or redesigned to provide more functionality. If you find yourself having trouble, consult Troubleshooting for assistance.

For information about See
A summary of how to use this documentation Documentation Map
Getting oriented to the product and the various kinds of documentation Introducing Visual InterDev
How to create and use projects Web Project Management
Creating, saving, and previewing pages quickly Web Basics
Connecting to databases, querying databases, and displaying database records on a page Database Basics
Selecting an editor, editing HTML, and adding scripts to pages Editing Basics
A summary of features that are new to Visual InterDev What's New in Visual InterDev
Stepping through the most common Web development scenarios with mini-tutorials Walkthroughs
Common problems and issues you may encounter when using Visual InterDev Troubleshooting