Part 1

Visual Studio 6.0

Enterprise Design and Architecture


Distributed, component-based applications are rapidly emerging as the enterprise platform of the future, and the Enterprise Edition of Visual Studio gives you the tools you need to design and build these applications.

To make the most of these tools for creating large-scale business applications, you need more than just a knowledge of the tools themselves. You need a whole new way of thinking about the design and architecture of enterprise applications. The first section of this book introduces a new Enterprise Application Model, and sets out the most important design and architecture considerations for creating this new breed of component-based solutions.

The following sections introduce the Enterprise Application Model and help you identify the best design and architecture strategies for building enterprise applications.

Section Description
Enterprise Application Model Introduces a new way of looking at enterprise application requirements, and outlines a method of iterative application design to meet them.
Enterprise Development Teams and Processes Presents the team and the process models for organizing component-based enterprise application development.
Tools for Enterprise Application Design Outlines the major tasks in each stage of the design process, and shows how Visual Studio Enterprise Edition tools are used throughout the development cycle.