Visual Studio Editions

Visual Studio 6.0

Visual Studio is available in two editions. In addition, the core development tools included with Visual Studio — Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Visual InterDev, and Visual J++ — are each offered in separate editions.

Use the following table to get more information about what is included with Visual Studio, and with separate editions of the core development tools.

Topic Description
Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Features Lists the enterprise features, noting which development tools include them.
Visual Studio Professional Edition Features Provides links to places to start for learning more about professional edition features.
Introduces the three editions in which Visual Basic is offered.
Introduces the three editions in which Visual C++ is offered, along with links to a comparison chart and topics on what's new.
Provides an overview of Visual FoxPro features, along with links to related information.
Provides an introduction to the main feature areas of Visual InterDev and links to more detailed information.
Introduces the Visual J++ documentation.
Introduces features of Visual SourceSafe, including which development tools it interacts with.