OLE Container Control Constants

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OLE Container Control Constants

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OLEType Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLELinked 0 OLE container control contains a linked object
vbOLEEmbedded 1 OLE container control contains an embedded object
vbOLENone 3 OLE container control doesn't contain an object

OLETypeAllowed Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEEither 2 OLE container control can contain either a linked or an embedded object

UpdateOptions Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEAutomatic 0 Object is updated each time the linked data changes
vbOLEFrozen 1 Object is updated whenever the user saves the linked document from within the application in which it was created
vbOLEManual 2 Object is updated only when the Action property is set to 6 (Update)

AutoActivate Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEActivateManual 0 OLE object isn't automatically activated
vbOLEActivateGetFocus 1 Object is activated when the OLE container control gets the focus
vbOLEActivateDoubleclick 2 Object is activated when the OLE container control is double-clicked
vbOLEActivateAuto 3 Object is activated based on the object's default method of activation

SizeMode Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLESizeClip 0 Object's image is clipped by the OLE container control's borders
vbOLESizeStretch 1 Object's image is sized to fill the OLE container control
vbOLESizeAutoSize 2 OLE container control is automatically resized to display the entire object
vbOLESizeZoom 3 Object's image is stretched but in proportion

DisplayType Property

Constant Value Description
vbOLEDisplayContent 0 Object's data is displayed in the OLE container control
vbOLEDisplayIcon 1 Object's icon is displayed in the OLE container control

Updated Event Constants

Constant Value Description
vbOLEChanged 0 Object's data has changed
vbOLESaved 1 Object's data has been saved by the application that created the object
vbOLEClosed 2 Application file containing the linked object's data has been closed
vbOLERenamed 3 Application file containing the linked object's data has been renamed

Special Verb Values

Constant Value Description
vbOLEPrimary 0 Default action for the object
vbOLEShow -1 Activates the object for editing
vbOLEOpen -2 Opens the object in a separate application window
vbOLEHide -3 For embedded objects, hides the application that created the object
vbOLEUIActivate -4 All UI's associated with the object are visible and ready for use
vbOLEInPlaceActivate -5 Object is ready for the user to click inside it and start working with it
vbOLEDiscardUndoState -6 For discarding all record of changes that the object's application can undo

Verb Flag Bit Masks

Constant Value Description
vbOLEFlagGrayed &H1 Grayed menu item
vbOLEFlagDisabled &H2 Disabled menu item
vbOLEFlagChecked &H8 Checked menu item
vbOLEFlagSeparator &H800 Separator bar in menu item list
vbOLEMiscFlagMemStorage &H1 Causes control to use memory to store the object while it's loaded
vbOLEMiscFlagDisableInPlace &H2 Forces OLE container control to activate objects in a separate window

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