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Visual Studio 6.0

Miscellaneous Constants

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AsyncRead Method

Constant Value Description
vbAsyncTypePicture 0 Data is provided in a Picture object
vbAsyncTypeFile 1 Data is provided in a file provide by Visual Basic
vbAsyncTypeByteArray 2 Data is provided in a byte array that contains the retrieved data

Application Start Mode

Constant Value Description
vbSModeStandalone 0 Stand-alone application
vbSModeAutomation 1 Automated ActiveX component

Buttons (Applies to CommandButton, CheckBox, and OptionButton controls)

Constant Value Description
vbButtonStandard 0 Buttons have standard Windows appearance
vbButtonGraphical 1 Buttons have graphical appearance (that is, they contain pictures, text, and/or a non-standard BackColor)

LoadResPicture Method

Constant Value Description
vbResBitmap 0 Bitmap resource
vbResIcon 1 Icon resource
vbResCursor 2 Cursor resource

LogEvent Method

Constant Value Description
vbLogEventTypeError 1 Log an Error event
vbLogEventTypeWarning 2 Log a Warning event
vbLogEventTypeInformation 4 Log an Information event

Mouse Button Parameter Masks

Constant Value Description
vbLeftButton 1 Left mouse button
vbRightButton 2 Right mouse button
vbMiddleButton 4 Middle mouse button

QueryUnload Method

Constant Value Description
vbAppWindows 2 Current Windows session ending
vbFormMDIForm 4 MDI child form is closing because the MDI form is closing
vbFormCode 1 Unload method invoked from code
vbFormControlMenu 0 User has chosen Close command from the Control-menu box on a form
vbAppTaskManager 3 Windows Task Manager is closing the application

Shift Parameter Masks

Constant Value Description
vbShiftMask 1 SHIFT key bit mask
vbCtrlMask 2 CTRL key bit mask
vbAltMask 4 ALT key bit mask

ZOrder Method

Constant Value Description
vbBringToFront 0 Bring to front
vbSendToBack 1 Send to back