Directory-Based Projects

Directory-Based Projects

Visual Studio 6.0

In Visual J++, projects are directory-based, which means the project is defined by the files in the project directory structure on the hard disk. For example:

Note   When from the project, you can choose to leave the item on the hard disk or completely delete it.

For more information about directory-based projects, see .

In addition to the relationship between the project structure and the file system, the hierarchy of Java packages in the project directly maps to a hierarchy of folders in the project (or file system). In , you can choose to display your project in one of two views:

  • Directory view (the default view) displays a hierarchical list of all project subfolders, according to the project directory structure on the hard disk. Each Java package in the project is displayed as a subfolder.

  • Package view displays project subfolders as Java packages, in a flat list. Note that package view displays only .java files and the folders that contain .java files. Each folder that is displayed is listed by its fully-qualified package name. The project node itself is considered the default package.

For more information about setting the view in Project Explorer, see .

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