This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Studio 6.0

IIS Application Development Process

The process of creating an IIS application is similar to creating any other project in Visual Basic. The overall process is presented below. Details for each step in the process can be found later in this chapter.

The overall process for creating IIS applications is:

  1. Start a new project and select IIS Application as the project type.

  2. Save the project.

    Note   Unlike forms-based Visual Basic applications, you must save an IIS application before you add HTML template webitems to it.

  3. Add as many HTML template webitems and custom webitems to the webclass as needed.

  4. Add any custom events to the project.

  5. Write code for all standard, template, and custom events in the project.

    Note   Make sure you write code for the Start event, or your application will not run unless the user specifies a webitem in the . For more information see "Setting the Start Event".

  6. Add other code modules or webclass objects to the project.

  7. Test and debug the application by running the project and viewing the application in the browser. It is recommended that you test all browsers you plan to support before releasing the application to end-users.

  8. Compile the project.

  9. Deploy the application.