Visual Basic: MaskedEdit Control

Visual Studio 6.0

AutoTab Property

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Determines whether or not the next control in the tab order receives the focus as soon as the Text property of the Masked Edit control is filled with valid data. The Mask property determines whether the values in the Text property are valid.


[form.]MaskedEdit.AutoTab[ = {True | False}]


Automatic tabbing occurs only if all the characters defined by the Mask property are entered into the control, the characters are valid, and the AutoTab property is set to True.

Setting Description
False (Default) AutoTab is not on. A ValidationError event occurs when you enter more characters than are defined by the input mask.
True AutoTab is on. When you enter all the characters defined by the input mask, focus goes to the next control in the tab sequence, and all subsequent characters entered are handled by the next control.

The Masked Edit control is considered filled when you enter the last valid character in the control, regardless of where the character is in the input mask. This property has no effect if the Mask property is set to the empty string ("").

Data Type

Integer (Boolean)