Visual Basic: MaskedEdit Control

Visual Studio 6.0

AllowPrompt Property

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Determines whether or not the prompt character is a valid input character.


[form.]MaskedEdit.AllowPrompt [= {True | False}]


The AllowPrompt property settings are as follows:

Setting Description
False (Default) The prompt character is not a valid input character. A ValidationError event is triggered if you enter the prompt character.
True The prompt character is a valid input character.

For example, suppose you have defined a prompt character of 0, and you want the Masked Edit control to accept five digits between 0 and 9. You specify a mask of #####. If the AllowPrompt property is False and you enter 0, a ValidationError event occurs. If AllowPrompt is set to True, you can enter 0 as a valid input character.

Data Type

Integer (Boolean)