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SQL Server 2000

Displays information about a Subscriber. This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on any database.


sp_helpsubscriberinfo [ [ @subscriber =] 'subscriber']


[@subscriber =] 'subscriber'

Is the name of the Subscriber. subscriber is sysname, with a default of %, which returns all information.

Result Sets
Column name Data type Description
publisher sysname Name of the Publisher.
subscriber sysname Name of the Subscriber.
type tinyint Type of Subscriber:

0 = Microsoft® SQL Server™ database
1 = ODBC data source

login sysname Login ID for SQL Server Authentication.
password sysname Password for SQL Server Authentication.
commit_batch_size int Not supported.
status_batch_size int Not supported.
flush_frequency int Not supported.
frequency_type int Frequency with which the Distribution Agent is run:

1 = One time
2 = On demand
4 = Daily
8 = Weekly
16 = Monthly
32 = Monthly relative
64 = Autostart
124 = Recurring

frequency_interval int Value applied to the frequency set by frequency_type.
frequency_relative_interval int Date of the Distribution Agent Used when frequency_type is set to 32 (monthly relative):

1 = First
2 = Second
4 = Third
8 = Fourth
16 = Last

frequency_recurrence_factor int Recurrence factor used by frequency_type.
frequency_subday int How often to reschedule during the defined period:

1 = Once
2 = Second
4 = Minute
8 = Hour

frequency_subday_interval int Interval for frequency_subday.
active_start_time_of_day int Time of day when the Distribution Agent is first scheduled, formatted as HHMMSS.
active_end_time_of_day int Time of day when the Distribution Agent stops being scheduled, formatted as HHMMSS.
active_start_date int Date when the Distribution Agent is first scheduled, formatted as YYYYMMDD.
active_end_date int Date when the Distribution Agent stops being scheduled, formatted as YYYYMMDD.
retryattempt int Not supported.
retrydelay int Not supported.
description nvarchar(255) Text description of the Subscriber.
security_mode int Implemented security mode:

0 = SQL Server Authentication
1 = Windows Authentication


sp_helpsubscriberinfo is used in snapshot replication, transactional replication, and merge replication.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute sp_helpsubscriberinfo.

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