Project Explorer Window

Visual Studio 6.0


Displays a hierarchical list of the solution and a list of the entire collection of projects, and all of the items contained in each project. Each project type determines the specific hierarchy structure.

You can:

  • View multiple projects of different packages and project types at the same time.

  • Make a project active by selecting it.

  • Rename your projects or project items by right-clicking on the selected item, selecting Rename from the context menu, and typing the new name.

  • Select multiple projects or project items by:
    Action To Select
    Clicking the first item, holding down SHIFT, and then clicking the last item of the list that you want. Multiple projects or project items in a continuous list.
    Selecting the first item, holding down SHIFT, and the using the UP ARROW or the DOWN ARROW keys to select the remaining items. Multiple projects or project items in a continuous list.
    Holding down CTRL and clicking the items that you want. Multiple project or project items that are not in a continuous list.

  • You can expand and collapse the project lists and view the projects and items included in the project by clicking plus (+) or minus (-) to the left of the project name.

Package-specific Commands

Allows a package to add project-specific commands (not all packages implement this feature – for more information, check the package-specific documentation).

List Window

Lists the all loaded projects with the items included in each project and additional items. You must have at least one project open all the time.

  • Solution

    The name of the solution is visible when a solution exists, a single project has been loaded using a version control program, or a solution has multiple deployment configurations.

    Double-clicking the Solution expands or collapses the project nodes in the group.

  • Package-specific items

Note   A check mark to the left of a filename in the Project Explorer indicates that the file is checked out of a version control project and currently has read/write status. The check mark is only displayed if you are connected to a version control program, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.