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SQL Server 2000

  New Information - SQL Server 2000 SP3.

Returns information about an article. This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on the publication database.


sp_helpmergearticle [ [ @publication = ] 'publication' ]
    [ , [ @article = ] 'article' ]


[@publication = ] 'publication'

Is the name of the publication about which to retrieve information. publication is sysname, with a default of %, which returns information about all merge articles contained in all publications in the current database.

[@article = ] 'article'

Is the name of the article for which to return information. article is sysname, with a default of %, which returns information about all merge articles in the given publication.

Result Set
Column name Data type Description
name sysname Name of the article.
source_object_owner sysname Name of the owner of the source object.
source_object sysname Name of the source object from which to add the article.
sync_object_owner sysname Name of the owner of the synchronization object.
sync_object sysname Name of the custom object used to establish the initial data for the partition.
description nvarchar(255) Description of the article.
status tinyint Status of the article.
creation_script nvarchar(127) Optional precreation script for the article.
conflict_table nvarchar(258) Name of the table storing the insert or update conflicts.
pre_creation_command tinyint Precreation method.
schema_option binary(8) Bitmap of the schema generation option for the article.
type tinyint Type of article.
column_tracking int Setting for column-level tracking.
article_resolver nvarchar(255) Custom resolver for the article.
subset_filterclause nvarchar(2000) WHERE clause specifying the horizontal filtering.
resolver_info sysname Name of the article resolver.
destination_object sysname Name of the destination object. Applicable to merge stored procedures, views, and UDF schema articles only.


sp_helpmergearticle is used in merge replication.


Only members of the db_owner fixed database role, the replmonitor role in the distribution database, or the publication access list for the current publication can execute sp_helpmergearticle.

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