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SQL Server 2000

Determines if a user-defined trigger or stored procedure is being called in the context of an updatable subscription. This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on the publication database.


sp_check_for_sync_trigger [ @tabid = ] 'tabid'
    [ , [ @trigger_op = ] 'trigger_output_parameters' OUTPUT ]


[@tabid = ] 'tabid'

Is the object ID of the table being checked for immediate-updating triggers. tabid is int, with no default.

[@trigger_op = ] 'trigger_output_parameters' OUTPUT

Specifies if the output parameter is to return the type of trigger it is being called from. trigger_output_parameters is char(10), and can be one of these values.

Value Description
Ins INSERT trigger
Upd UPDATE trigger
Del DELETE trigger
NULL (default)  

Return Code Values

0 indicates that the stored procedure is not being called within the context of an immediate-updating trigger. 1 indicates that it is being called within the context of an immediate-updating trigger and is the type of trigger being returned in @trigger_op.


sp_check_for_sync_trigger is used in snapshot replication and transactional replication.


Members of the public role can execute sp_check_for_sync_trigger.

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